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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This week, on my DeviantArt account, I had a Kiriban. "Kiriban" is a word coined especially and particularly by the user community on DeviantArt, to denote — there is some dispute as to the exact meaning — either, a round (or otherwise remarkable) number of pageviews (in my case, 30 000), or an artwork which is given as a reward to the person whose visit to the page achieves the round (or otherwise remarkable) number of page views, and who can claim the commission by posting a screenshot, to prove that it was indeed them who made the number full (or round).

Etymologically, the word seems to derive from Japanese "kiri", or kilo, meaning 1000, and "ban", which means number (I'm trusting Urbandictionary here, my Japanese is so-so. You should always trust Urbandictionary. You can learn things from Urbandictionary!) —— So this would include numbers like 1000, 10 000, 100 000, 20 000, 30 000 and so on. By extension, a kiriban can be defined at any other remarkable number - such as 123 456, or 55 555, or even say, 477 777. It has become tradition on DeviantArt to announce an approaching round number of pageviews with a journal entry, stating "kiriban", or "kiriban approaching", the number in question, and what kind of commission the artist will undertake for the lucky winner.

This I did, yesterday, when I was still some 120 pageviews away from my 30 000 pageviews kiriban — a number of views which it usually takes a few days to achieve. Checking back some five hours later, my kiriban had already been achieved, and claimed! Evidently I had become subject to a case of kiriban fishing. That day, I clocked in at a whopping 160 pageviews: on average, I am getting somewhere between 16 and 32 pageviews a day, and I'd call 45 pageviews a very busy day indeed. I suspect that about 120 of those pageviews were the same person checking in, checking out, checking in again ... she deserves her commission, then.

It's just good to know that I am not the only one obsessed with pageview stats, and round numbers. On DeviantArt, there is a whole culture emerging around the cult of the Round Number Pageview Stat! Fancy that. Happy kiriban to you!

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