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Friday, February 17, 2012

Resuming ...

As you might have noticed, I have been taking a creative break from this blog. I've been away traveling, and afterwards, life got hectic: I had to catch up with a mountain of work left lying about while I was away, and I've been trying for the past several months to buy a house! Besides, I've been somewhat running out of topics. I think I have now covered most of the Online Promotion 101 I set out to cover, so time to think about a new format for this blog. I'm still working on it, but I have an idea or two. No, I won't tell. You'll see.

The work never really stops, but the house buying is now accomplished. Since last week, I am the owner of 51 Wakefield St in rural Featherston, an hour out of Wellington: the same house I have been renting for the last two years, and also the location of my business (I work from home. Much nicer that way). This promises to bring some much needed stability to my personal life: I have lost count of the times I have moved house since I moved out from home some 20 odd years ago. It does get very tiring.

Now that I have found the house and garden I have always wanted (I've spent the largest part of my life living in city flats) - in a location that as far as I am concerned, is just about perfect, combining the advantages of living rural, with closeness to a major centre, and with some of the most beautiful landscapes and beaches on the planet within easy driving distance, even biking distance! - I would like to stay. And plant some trees. And quietly get on with my work. It's all that really matters in the end, isn't it.

So much for the personal stuff. More importantly, I have also completed another major web design project: Belinda Brown Photography features a variety of image galleries displaying this photographer's portfolios for weddings, portraiture and travel photography. The image galleries are fully searchable - enabling visitors to quickly locate images concerting a particular topic, location, date or other parameter the image has been tagged with (unfortunately, the fanciest technology can do nothing if the client does not tag their images. Just saying.)

The site comes with a complete content management system, enabling the client to create and delete galleries, add or delete individual images, and enter information such as captions, location, date, and relevant keywords. This is the first time I have coded such an extensive, database driven content management system, so this site represents a major step forward in terms of what I have to offer, and I am really proud of how it has turned out.

Here is what the client said: "In terms of the layout, it looks fab and I like the fact the boxes aren't too close together so the images remain strong and not crowded by the one next door. Generally I think it is smart, clean and I like it."

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