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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Just in time for this web mailer, my latest website has gone live: is a classical example for a simple html/css based business web site, with some PHP interactivity thrown in, in the shape of a contact form to obtain a quote.

Top Notch Construction is based in Eastbourne, just out of Wellington. They design and build quality residential homes, do shop fitouts, landscaping, alterations and additions, and they also offer project management for larger building sites. They're a small boutique business focused on offering quality, and the website aims to reflect that.

This project has been in the making for quite a little while. The first version of the website went online nearly a year ago, but there was still some information missing. I think for while, being busy, the website just moved way down their priorities list.

Just after Christmas Thomas, one of the business owners, contacted me again, we got together for a quick chat to make sure we were all on the same page, he supplied the information that had still been missing, and a few weeks later the site is now complete in all its new and shiny glory.

The design idea is quite simple and obvious, really. The logo and images were provided by the client, and I based my design around them. The brick wall navigation bar was quite a bit of a fiddle to write in css, but turned out neat in the end I think. The page navigation and sections are really quite straightforward - I made a couple of suggestions regarding navigability and SEO, which they were quite happy with, and I also planned and designed their contact form. Mostly this job has been pretty smooth sailing. :knocks on wood: In the end they also decided that I should sort out their web hosting as well.

Here's what Thomas had to say about it: "Looking great. Love the form! Has turned out really well. Awesome thanks Astrid is looking really good and am stoked with how have laid out the opening page."

Today, I had a call from a potential new client to whom they have recommended me. Yeah, just had to boast a bit. :-)

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